summer at french island

so many people to love in one place!!  this is that one time they sat still for about .5 seconds.


benny will still hold my hand. i will be sad the day he grows out of that.


eva, beautiful eva.  i love her little kid style.  i would dress like her every day if i could.  one time i gave her a dress that was denim – super cute, from the Gap or something and i asked her if she liked it.  she said with a sad face ‘well, not very much.  it doesn’t have any sparkles or pink on it…’.   she is very much a girl – a lovely pink loving girl – and it’s so fun to shop for her.


this picture reminds me of GOONIES when they are looking at the map.  yes, i know there is a sequel coming out – i have said it many times before about muppets – i’m a vintage muppet fan.  i am also a vintage goonies fan.



told ya.

this next one i ADORE.  i caught him in that small moment of childlike wonder in finding something new.  and he just looked up at me with his blue eyes and smiled.



la crosse has been such a lovely place to discover! it’s filled with beauty and green and water.  i will miss it when they move!

French Island


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