things that make me think of my dad:

when a sandwich or some type of food is REALLY GOOD, i want to tell him about it.  he loves to go off about cuban sandwiches. truly. ask him about it sometime.

he likes to put salt on canteloupe.  i recently tried it and it’s crazy good.

i have a clear memory from my childhood of him lying downstairs on the floor in front of the tv with a bowl of icecream on his stomach.  he liked to eat it all melty and he would wait until it got just how he liked it.

he is very funny but his sense of humor is an acquired taste and some people have never figured out when he’s joking or not.

to this day, i still cannot beat him at dr. mario.  he is the KING.  side note:  he also has a pair of dr. mario pj pants that he wears out on errands in public.  this makes me so happy.

this year i complained to him that i don’t like it when people don’t put the trash cans right by the door.  i have an aversion to germs and don’t want to touch the handle after my hands have been washed.  he told me to just ‘throw the paper towel on the floor; eventually they will learn and move the trash can by the door’.  this is still making me laugh.

one time to my mother’s complete dismay, he cut down a tree in our front yard because it ‘made the driveway too messy’.  in his defense, it was one of those cottonwood trees that wreak havoc but who the heck cares about a driveway having fluff on it?  MY DAD DOES.

any time i get a text from him, i’m laughing.  God bless the day they invented phones for this purpose. text message below is referring to the power being out for too long and teaching sophia (age 2) lovely & new phrases.  i taught her scooby doo.  #winning.





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