Marla loses her keys.

She calls Home.  James answers the phone.

Marla:  I have lost my keys and I can’t find them anywhere.  I have all the food for dinner and I can’t leave until I find them.  I AM HYSTERICAL.

James:  Hold on a minute, I’ll get someone who can help you. (hurriedly throws the phone to anyone else because what man do you know willingly talks to a hysterical woman?  i might as well have said uterus.  or tampon. or i’m about to give birth any minute.)

Marla:  Hello?

Jana:  Hi, what’s going on?

Jana calmly tells me where to look and Marla is talked down from the ledge.

Sometimes Sisters are the ones to save the day.

PS my keys were found in the garbage, covered in marinara sauce.


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