weekend trip to wisconsin

  • holding benson on my lap in his jammies.
  • eva curling up on me to watch sheriff callie.
  • eating anything that emily makes.  this time she made brownies with coconut oil and applesauce.  i was dubious, but they were pretty amazing.
  • making a spectacle in culver’s and watching people smile so big as the kids walked by.
  • watching emily use all of her coupons.
  • glorious naptime!
  • watching captain phillips & asking way too many questions. oops!
  • running all over the kohls in la crosse with benson and yelling and jumping on furniture, all in the name of fun  (and even through all of this, emily finds only ONE jacket, lame).
  • smiling.  a lot.  and kissing their little blonde heads just because i can.

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