my dad is 71 today

i accidently typed 81, so wow dad, aren’t you glad you aren’t 81?  i just accidently typed 91 when i was trying to type 81.  aren’t you really super glad you aren’t 91?  you are looking younger by the sentence here.  and i also need some work on my typing skills.

in honor of his 71st birthday, here is a story & picture.  this was winter of 2005 up north.  picture below is of my dad before the ridiculous happened:


he was hiking around with my mom and their two best friends kim & lynnrae.  they got to the edge of the baptism river.  my dad went over to ‘investigate’ and found himself slipping through the snow and into the water below.  kim went to grab my dad by his legs, which caused my dad’s head to bob directly into the water.  they fumbled and flopped around a lot, but by some miracle he got my dad out.  it was a whole three stooges act without one of the stooges.  they had to get him back to the cabin and warm him up so he didn’t get hypothermia.  i’m sure they all laughed about it later.


my dad has always pushed the boundaries.  he would probably say that getting older is the worst thing that has happened to him.  he still thinks he’s a 17 year old and has the ‘nothing can stop me’ attitude.  this may be the reason why he finds himself in such scrapes as above.  🙂

but to me, he’s still the same goofy twinkley-eyed mischievous fun dad who loves his family, a good cuban sandwich & some weirdo mario lounge pants … and i’m glad he’s with us.  life is never boring with him around. love you dad! happy birthday!



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