birthday adventures

you know what’s awesome?  when you have sisters that are always up for adventures especially when you want to do something crazy.  reva has been my go-to sister for the last couple years.  our first real adventure was skydiving.  that was crazy, borderline unsafe, completely ridiculous and i won’t be doing it anytime soon.  it certainly was memorable!  i will never forget the view or the terror as i came out that plane, or the landing that banged my butt into the ground repeatedly. nor will i forget how gracefully and ballerina-like reva landed … still makes me want to punch her.  😀

this year, i heard about this zip lining company in henderson, minnesota called kerfoot canopy tours  so i called and got the info.  did some research online to make sure we wouldn’t die.  all that good stuff that i should’ve done before doing the skydiving thing (side note, do NOT use westside skydiving).

the weather was not great that day and i worried if we should cancel.  it was raining in the cities and overcast.  but after a few u-turns, we arrived in henderson which is definitely in the country and in the middle of nowhere.  it wasn’t raining either and the weather was perfect!  we met our zip lining group and i swear this made the adventure even more fun.  they were in their 70’s and they just liked to laugh and have a great time.  we put on all our gear, hopped into the ATV and arrived at the practice station.   ziplining takes more skill than i thought.  it looked like you would just fly around and not really have stuff to do; turns out it takes a lot of attention and effort.  it took me a while to figure out how to stop properly.  i did about 7 practice rounds.  of course my intuitively talented sister reva got the hang of it in just a few tries.  i refrained from punching her in the face.  😀

the guides were wonderful.  like seriously incredible.  they were darling guys, and they were genuinely kind and wanted to help us.  the way they supported us as we worked our way through the course and the patience they displayed was refreshing.  one of the guides was this southern boy named collin, and he reminded me of the guy on hart of dixie who looks like this:


yeah… so that was fun!

the other guide was vince.  and he was like this woodsy outdoorsy nature loving guy.  i asked him if he got bored doing the same thing over and over and he said no, that it was rewarding seeing people learn something new and he just enjoyed nature.  he was also so very kind to the older people which made him even more handsome.  this could be the finnick syndrome from the movie catching fire… how a guy treats an older lady whom they have no romantic interest in.  it was very endearing.


anyway!  it just made my birthday even more awesome to be around handsome, outdoor-sy, rugged men while flying through the trees.

all in all, it was one of my most favorite birthday adventures.  we got up SO high on some of the zips that i thought i would either die or pee my pants.  neither happened so i was proud.  it was exhilarating and beautiful up there — Fall had come and the views were breathtaking with the colors of the leaves and the sky as the backdrop.

here are a few pictures from the day:



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