you know what’s been fun … seeing something tangible come out of a wonderful trip to england.  i’m currently reading blackmoore, julianne donaldson’s newest adventure in fiction.  there are places in the book that we visited last year and she’s woven them into her story.  i only admired the scenery and the culture and took in the beauty of it all, but i have these moments that i will never forget.  here a few that stand out:

  • walking around a deliciously haunted graveyard with high grave markers at twilight
  • standing on a pebbled beach and looking out across an english ocean
  • sitting on a hotel veranda, having the sun stream in the windows and feeling the air rush in, feeling as if i were in “somewhere in time”
  • exploring an old abbey and feeling the friendly spirits of those that had lived before
  • touring castles and piecing together history of a much grandeur time

there were so many more.  i don’t know how we packed in so many things, but i’m so grateful we did.

i am amazed at the talent of others, especially those that can take memories and weave them into a beautiful story.  which is exactly what julie has done.  well done my friend, well done.

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