beautiful kansas

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we visited the:
independence visitors center
liberty jail
kansas city temple
jack stack’s bbq

all in one weekend.

i wasn’t expecting the overwhelming feeling of peace at adam-ondi-ahman. it’s just land, and there’s nothing really there to look at. it was green and quiet and it felt holy.

the kansas city temple is a sight to behold. we got there and it was raining but by the time we came out the sun was shining and the clouds and sky were a gorgeous for that beautiful new temple.

we had to try bbq when we were in kansas so i looked up the best rated restaurant – we were not disappointed!

liberty jail was an experience. i’d been there one time before and all i remember was how cold it felt. this time, it was the middle of the summer. it was hard to hear about the conditions inside the jail and what the Prophet and his friends went through, but what i got out of it this time was not temperature, but the profound realization that that prison was his temple. that experience became holy to him because of the conversation between him and the Lord while he suffered extreme affliction. another point to ponder.

i’m grateful i got to spend the time with my parents and that we got to do something so meaningful together.

next stop – nauvoo 2014!


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