reva goes to girl’s camp

Reva:  she thought the Jesus rocks were going to rock!  ~empty table of rocks and bowls full of glue at the craft cabin

Reva:  so i just have to wait one more year, and then i can go to girl’s camp again!

Reva: wait a second, girl’s camp isn’t in wisconsin! ~after going 30 miles out of our way and missing the huge park sign and entrance.

Reva: marla, the moths are not going to hurt you. stop looking for them. ~in the cabin for the first night.

so had many more very funny quotes … but i can’t find them.

she was my lifesaver at camp.  LIFESAVER.

there’s nothing better than a sister.

reva, pondering the intricacies of life. on a really hard mattress, in a cabin in the woods.sdwy4

a bunch of 13 year olds. 😉 she is a 13 year old at heart, that reva.

big lifeguard chair anyone? yes, please!

she likes making faces. it’s what she does.

i love capturing people on camera when they don’t know i’m taking a picture. her face says it all – the beauty of a good campfire!

reva decided to make a cairn – you know, those rock stack thingys. and yes, i had to google the spelling.

marla & reva. how many pictures have we been in together over the years? makes me smile. love you reva. thanks for coming with me.


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