a baptism & a birthday

bda dwr



let’s see.  lots of action around here lately.  

jana’s sophia’s first birthday & james’ baptism to name a few.

sophia had a birthday.  she’s 1.  she didn’t like people singing to her and she didn’t like everyone staring at her either.  parents have gotten smarter and instead of giving the toddler the entire cake, they have downsized to a giant cupcake.  she got the hang of it after a few tears were shed and quickly covered herself in cake & frosting.

james was baptised last weekend.  as almost all baptisms are, it was chaotic and challenging.  first, there was a basketball tournament in the gym.  the gym is connected to the chapel.  there were a million sweaty boys and bags and water bottles and it reeeeeeked not to mention the whistling and shuffling and bouncing noises.

once we moved past that ordeal, it went well.  they wrapped it up, the baptism was in the chapel, i spoke, the kids sang, jeff baptized james, a few tears escaped, treats were served and then all of a sudden it was over.  i don’t even think anyone got a picture of jeff and james in white.

it was a good day.  a few moments that seeped through to eternity.  it’s sometimes hard to see the bigger picture, yet it’s always there.


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