drive by birthdays


hi dad!

i remember you were usually on patrol for our birthdays, but you would alway stop by in time for us to blow out the candles.

i remember the jingling sound from the keys on your belt.  the squeaky creak of your gun belt.

i remember the smell of the chapstick – the plain flavor that smelled like policemen to me.  and your old spice cologne before it was popular. 

i remember having to be quiet during the day because you were sleeping after a hard night’s work. and i remember reva getting yelled at for being so loud.  she’s still kinda loud today, isn’t she. 

i remember feeling so proud of you and at the same time a little worried about your safety.

and now, today, when you tell me how to drive or lecture me about speeding, instead of rolling my eyes i smile.  because i know your past.  we have history.  you’ve been around a long time and i am grateful.  it’s come close too many times for my liking, but you’ve always kept on kicking.

and while i never wrecked the car on an outing for a dairy queen cake, that time i hit the parked car in our driveway may have surpassed that. 

you didn’t even yell. you just shook your head and walked back into the house.  i may have giggled after you left the room.

sometimes i forget your age because you are my dad.  but you haven’t changed to me. 

even though your heart slows you down, you are still strong.  strong…and a little bit crazy. 

maybe that’s why i love you so much.


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