going to the doctor has never been so fun


emily:  eva, marla is going to take benny to the doctor to get his shot. 

eva:  ok, love you benny! bye!

marla (out of little people’s ear range):  are you kidding me? 

emily:  that was the only way she’d let him go to the MOA without pitching a fit.

i met up with reva and jeff and jacob and chloe and zayah.  (that’s how eva says it).  they got to ride the kiddie rides, and the caveat was that they were attended by an adult.  i needed a stronger stomach.  there should be warning signs on all those rides – CAUTION, ride will make you feel dizzy, nauseated, and OLD. 

benny loved the rides.  he cried when they stopped.  at one point, he jumped off the carousel, whipped past the shelves where you dump off your stuff before getting on the ride, picked up some random piece of food, shoved it in his mouth and kept on running.  by the time i caught up with him, whatever he was chewing was nearly down the hatch.  i think it was a piece of cereal or a cracker.  i was just so grateful it wasn’t a piece of ABC gum.


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