crotch/crutch? who knows, i’m still crying.



orange you glad i didn’t say ankle?


i’ve been recovering on beds and couches.  while writing thank you notes and checking work email and eating valentine’s candy.

a broken bone only takes a minute.  it’s never an interesting story.  mine was very minnesotan – just slipping on ice in the winter.  i fell hard.  almost knocked the wind out of me.  luckily i stayed conscious, tried to get up on it because i’ve never broken anything before so i thought surely, i can walk away from this.  i noticed some bones looking a little weird… and moving around when i tried to stand on it.  i was a goner.  i found my phone and called my friend who promptly ran out and came to get me and take me to the ER.  it turned out to be dislocated and they had to put it back in … after a lot of drugs, i agreed. the dr told me after i came to, that i would probably need surgery.

i thought when you break something, you just get a cast and move on with your life.  nope, this took a 2-3 hour surgery and included lots of screws and nails and plates.  it was super gross and the recovery has been rough.

however, there have been so.many.good.things. that have come from this.  normally i wouldn’t feel like this way about something so awful, but it there’s a silver lining and it’s been humbling and lovely.  it’s still not over yet.  so cheers to the road ahead.